Communist by Sam Burlockoff
Communist! (Men's Adventures #20)

Comic book artist Sam Burlockoff worked for MLJ in the early 1940s on 'The Shield', 'The Web' and 'Dusty' and later moved to Quality where he inked 'Blackhawk', 'Captain Triumph' and 'Plastic Man' around 1946. In the early 1950s, he was present at National/DC doing mainly work on war comics, but also the 'Superman 3-Dimension Adventures' book. Later on, his work appeared in Atlas mystery titles. Burlockoff was an artist for New Heroic Comics by Eastern Color Printing in the 1940s and 1950s. Over the years, he has served as inker for Alex Kotzky, Dan Barry and Paul Reinman.

His credits on syndicated comics include 'Apartment 3-G' (ink, 1960s), 'Flash Gordon' (assistant ink, 1950s) and 'The Saint' (ink, 1950s). In the 1960s, Burlockoff has furthermore worked on comics for overseas syndication, such as 'John F. Kennedy', 'L.B.J.' (with Mike Roy), 'The Man on the Moon' and 'True Tales'. He has done illustration work for encylopedias and Saalfield coloring books, and was art director for Al Majal, the magazine for the U.S. Information Agency of the Middle East. He retired in 1989. In 2007 he passed away at age 82 in Fairfax County, Virginia. 

Boy Comics by Sam Burlockoff
Boy Comics Hero of the Month (Boy Comics #10, June 1943)

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