Batman, by Jack Burnley

Jack Burnley was born in 1911. He began his career providing cartoons for the sports section of newspapers and illustrations for advertisements. He began to write stories for 'Superman' in World's Fair Comics #2 (the picture below shows a Fair Comics #2 cover drawn by Jack Burnley from 1940, on which Batman and Robin and Superman were seen for the first time in public together).

World's Fair Comics cover, by Jack Burnley (1940)

From September to April 1941 Burnley took over Action Comics. After that he started on the daily 'Superman' comic strip. Jack was a superior draftsman and was often assigned to do covers. He left the 'Superman' strip to work on his own comic book feature, 'Starman', which appeared in Adventure Comics beginning in 1941. Burnley penciled the 'Batman' Sunday page, and for a short time in 1944 he was penciling both the 'Batman' and the 'Superman' Sunday pages. Burnley left DC in 1947 to return to sports cartooning.

Superman, by Jack Burnley

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