Let's sit and stare at each other

Graphic designer Mark Burrier has been producing comics for about six years. Numerous self-published mini-comics such as 'Variables and Other Stories' and 'Verite:02' garnered him praise. Mark's first professionally published work appeared in the Eisner-nominated 1999 anthology, 'Brainbomb' (Behemoth Books). 'Let's Sit And Stare At Each Other', a six-page Dostoievsky adaptation, was published in the SPX 2000 anthology.

Mark Burrier's artistic influences range from European comic artists like Martin tom Dieck, Lewis Trondheim, and Dave McKean to American ones such as Paul Pope and Ben Katchor, tempered with a healthy dose of the current contemporary art aesthetic. He paid tribute to two of his major influences, Trondheim and Katchor, in the 'Spark Generators' anthology, (Slave Labor Graphics, 2001). He appeared in the follow-up to 'Brainbomb', 'Imagination Rocket' (Behemoth Books) in 2001 and plans to release a self-published split comic with Chris Francz and a self-published graphic novel.

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