Moky et Poupy by Roger Bussemey
'Moky et Poupy' (Ames Vaillantes #25, 22 June 1958).

Roger Bussemey worked in an aviaton factory before he was employed by an animation studio in 1943. In 1946 he published his first comics in the "big press" (Le Parisien Libéré, L'Humanité). Also, he drew 'Grand Nord' and 'Sergent Joë' in O.K., and illustrated several small comic books for Éditions Montsouris with characters like Bob, Sylvestre, Zidore and Clodo. From 1948, he drew 'Woopy' in Pierrot, and his work appeared in magazines like Lisette, Rustica, Jocko and Jean Bart. Starting in 1957, he was present in Line with 'Bergamotte' and 'Jane Stone', scripted by C. Fournier.

Bergamote by Roger Bussemey
'Bergamote' (Line 113, May 1957).

In 1958, he began a collaboration with the Fleurus press group, where he created his most famous series, 'Moky et Poupy', about two Native Americans and their friend, Nestor the bear. The series first appeared in Coeurs Vaillants, and was continued for thirty years in Âmes Vaillantes and Fripounet. While working on his key series, Bussemey also produced some work for the other magazines of the Fleurus group, such as J2 Jeunes and its successor Formule 1 ('Tonton Magloire', 'Basile et Cie', 'Facile Lagachette', 'Yan et Jonas').

Moky et Poupy, by Roger Bussemey

In 1961, Bussemey created 'Tonton Barnabé' in L'Intrépide. Two years later, he illustrated the comic adaptations 'Monsieur Globe-Trotter' and 'L'Odyssée' for Tout L'Univers. Also present in Pilote from 1968, he illustrated games, short stories and the continuing story 'Les Voyages d'Ulysse'.

Un Bébé Bien Gardé (Ames Vaillantes #15, 13/4/1958) by Roger Bussemey
'Un Bébé Bien Gardé' (Ames Vaillantes #15, 13 April 1958).

Between 1977 and 1980, he made 'Septazéro l'Invincible' for Télé 7 Jours, and 'Tonton la Ficelle' in La Bataille des Planètes. Fascinated by the sea, Roger Bussemey also contributed to specialized magazines like Cols Bleus and La Revue Maritime.

Cover for Moky et Poupy, by Roger BussemeyCover for Moky et Poupy, by Roger Bussemey

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