Duk Denny by andREVANbuuren
Duk Denny

André van Buuren, who writes his name andREVANbuuren, is known among art collectors and amateurs for his surrealist paintings. He is also an artist with a non-commercial and non-conventional drive, who enjoys drawing comics and cartoons. He publishes his comics on the StripSter comics portal, such as his adventure strip starring 'Duk Deny', a pilot loosely based on 'Buck Danny'. Accompanied by his none too bright colleagues and a lost Indian tribe, Duk underwent his first adventure, called 'Vliegtuig naar de maan', in a total of 24 pages.

Comic art by andREVANbuuren

The follow-up, 'De wraak van Duk Denny', was published in the Stripschap magazine Stripnieuws in November 2012. The story is a tribute to a long line of artists that Van Buuren admires, such as Jacovitti.

Bluffende Buffel by andREVANbuuren
Bluffende Buffel

Van Buuren has also contributed to P@per, the comic magazine published by Brabant Strip Magazine. These stories include 'Bluffende Buffel gaat op jacht' and 'De Blues', a chapter from 'De Da Vinci Kade'. He has self-published both 'De Da Vince Kade' and 'Voeten op de bank', illustrated stories about the darker sides of an artist's life.

Comic art by andREVANbuuren


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