Hazanas del Oeste by Jordi Buxade
Hazañas del Oeste #1

The Spanish artist Jordi Buxade Tonijuan was a master in making western comics the American way. A personal friend of 'Red Ryder' artist Fred Harman, Buxade is the creator of such series as 'Buck Tyler' and 'Jim Huracan'. Buxada created his first comic pages for El Botones in 1952, followed by Gorrion and Nicolás. 'Jim Huracán' was born in 1959, followed by several western series throughout the 1960s, such as 'Ringo Ley' and 'Daniel Boom y Cow-boy Tim'. Buxade got his biggest success with 'Buck Tyler', which started in Ilustración Comix Internacional in 1981. Two years later, he had a try on a humorous comic in Tio Vivo, 'Hawitta', which lasted for only one year because of Tio Vivo's disparation. Starting in 1984, Buxade has focused on commercial and advertising art.

comic art by Jordi Buxade

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