Romano il Legionario, by Kurt Caesar (1938)

Kurt Kaisar was born in Montigny-les-Metz in France. He attended the School of Fine Arts in Munich, and began his career as an international journalist for the German Ulman News Agency. In the mid-1930s, he moved to Italy, where he focused on a career in comics. He changed his name to Kurt Caesar, and started signing his pages with "Caesar Away", "Jack Away" or "Avai". A pilot himself, he specialized in aviation comics, but he has also done naval, science fiction, historical and western comics. Caesar was very good at desiging machines and aircrafts - that's why he enjoyed drawing war stories.

from Pat, by Corrado Caesar

His first strip was 'I Due Tamburini', followed by 'I Trei Porcellini', which appeared in Il Vittorioso. Between 1938 and 1943, he drew 'Romano il Legionario' in that same magazine. This series, about an Italian pilot during the Spanish Civil War, became Caesar's most famous piece. During this period, Caesar drew another aviation comic, 'Dino e Dario, Eroi dell'Aria', which featured the American military pilot Will Sparrow. A third aviation comic of the time was 'I Moschietteri del Aeroporto Z', that was published in Paperino in 1937. This series was also published in France in L'As and Spirou.  Caesar's work was also featured in Mondadori's Topolino magazine as well as in L'Aventureux.

Cover for Urania, by Kurt CaesarCover for Urania, by Kurt Caesar

During World War II, Caesar took on his occupation as a reporter again and travelled with general Rommel. In reality, he worked for the Resistance, and his activities were recompensated after the War. After the war, Caesar took on his comics activities in Italy again. He continued to work for Il Vittorioso and also appeared in Il Giornalino with among others 'Il Mozzo del Sommergibile' and 'Nel Vortice Astrale'. He drew a great many covers for Urania, a monthly science fiction magazine.

comic art by Corrado Caesar

He also began a production for foreign publications. He illustrated war stories for the British Fleetway's Battle Picture Library, War Picture Library and Air Ace Picture Library and worked on the series 'Battler Britton', 'Spy 13', 'Dogfight Dixon' and 'Jet Ace Logan' for the Thriller Picture Library. For the German market, he illustrated the first episodes of the science fiction series 'Perry Rhodan'. Kurt Caesar died on 12 July in 1974 at Bracciano, Italy.

Kurt Caesar

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