Tamakun by Miguel Callejas

Miguel Fernandez Callejas was a Cuban artist of comic books, born in La Habana in 1929. He studied painting at the San Alejandro Art School and has worked as an editor, illustrator, writer and art director for magazines published in Cuba, Mexico, New York and Miami. Together with writer Armando Couto, Callejas was responsible for the comic book adaptations of the Cuban radio serials 'Tamakún' and the western 'Los 3 Villalobos'. He also drew for South American comic books like 'King Kong en el Microcosmos' and the Emilio Salgari adaptation 'Sandokan, el tigre de Malasia' by Editorial América. Prior to this, Callejas had drawn a comics biography about the Cuban revolutionary Camil Cienfuegos, from a script by Reyes for the Cuban Ministry of Education in 1959. In 2013 he published the jungle comic 'Johnny Wood, Hombre del Árbol'.

King Kong by Miguel F. CallejasSandokan by Miguel Callejas

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