Mister X, by Paul Campani

Paul (Paolo) Campani was an Italian artist who started his career in the late 1940s. His early credits include drawing the 'Misterix' series and the erotic 'Gey Carioca' comic (created with Max Massimino Garnier). In 1948 he started working for the Argentinean market. There, he drew such titles as 'Tita Dinamita', which appeared in Cinemisterio. This comic starred a sexy girl, who sometimes was censored by other comic figures. With the legendary Argentinian writer Hector G. Oesterheld, he launched the 'Bull Rocket' series. Paul Campani has also illustrated some episodes of the 'Asso di Picche' series, created originally by Alberto Ongaro, Hugo Pratt and Mario Faustinelli.

Gey Carioca, by Paul Campani
'Gey Carioca'.

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