Uncle Wiggily's Adventures, 1926

Lansing "Lang" Campbell was the artist of 'Uncle Wiggily's Adventures', which started in 1910 and was written by Howard R. Garis. Originally called 'Uncle Wiggily's Bedtime Stories', the comic about an elderly rabbit was presented with the text in boxes underneath the pictures. This form was relinquished in 1925, and replaced with the use of word balloons. In the early 1930s, Campbell created a few strips of his own: 'Piggy Pigtail', 'Paddy the Pup', 'Dippy Doodlebug', 'Bizzy Izzy Humbug', 'The Dinky Ducklings', 'Duck and Applesauce' and 'Dicky Bird's Diary'. Suzanne Shaub is currently writing a book on Campbell's life and work.

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