Destroyer 171, by Al Camy
Destroyer 171 from National Comics #47

Al Camy was a Golden Age comic book artist who worked through studios like the Sangor Shop. He was the first artist on the 'Airboy' feature of Hillman Periodicals. He worked on several features for Archie, including 'The Black Hood', 'Black Jack' and 'The Wizard', and was also a regular on Better Publications titles with features like 'Jill Trent', 'Crime Crushers', 'Grim Reaper', 'Phantom Detective' and 'Spectro'. By the late 1940s he moved on to crime titles for D.S. Publishing and Lev Gleason and to romance titles for Harvey. He also worked on a syndicated feature called 'El Encapuchado Negro' between 1948 and 1950.

First Romance, by Al Camy
First Romance #1 (1949)

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