Top 10, by Zander Cannon
'Top Ten'. 

Zander Cannon graduated from Grinnell College, Iowa, in 1995 and began writing and drawing comics professionally with The Chainsaw Vigilante. This was followed by the writing, drawing and publishing of 'Knute's Escapes', a hilarious series about a series of escape attempts by a slave boy named Knute. Zander Cannon expanded Knute's universe in the comic series 'The Replacement God', published by Slave Labor and Image Comics, before doing layouts for the Eisner Award winning series 'Top Ten', with a script by Alan Moore and finished art by Gene Ha. He also pencilled it's spin-off mini series 'Smax' for America's Best Comics.

Together with Shad Petosky and Kevin Cannon (who, despite his similar last name is not related to Zander Cannon), he is co-founder of Big Time Attic. As Big Time Attic, Zander has illustrated for the US government's Space Weather, Space Junk and Journey Along a Field Line as an outreach from the scientific community. He is also responsible for the majority of illustration in 'Bonesharps, Cowboys and Thunderlizards' (with Kevin Cannon doing lettering, inking and illustrations in the back).

Top 10, by Zander CannonTop 10, by Zander Cannon
'Top Ten'. 

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