De donderganzen van 't Oldemoer (Tina 24, 1983). Dutch version of The Sea Witches from Tammy & Misty.

Mario Capaldi was a productive artist for Marvel UK's junior titles. He started his career in 1959, and has drawn every kind of strip since. His Marvel UK credits range from 'Care Bears' to 'James Bond Junior' and 'Zorro'. He did a comic adaptation of Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' for The Saturday Evening Post, as well as 'Famous Five' in Fleetway's Blyton centenary magazin. He also drew historical and fairytale comics for that publication. Capaldi was a major contributor to the magazine Misty, provided art for Mayfair's Carrie comic, Fleetway's 'Robo Machines' comic, and did a couple of fill-in stories for TV Action.

A book about Mario's early life has been written by his daughter, Vanda Capaldi. It is called 'Mario: A Biography in Poetry' and is available through the author's website. Vanda is currently (2013) researching another book concerning Mario's extensive art career.

Misty, by Mario Capaldi
Ghost of Christmas Future (story for Misty)
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