Città Senza Nome, by Fabrizio Caprioli

As the son of comic artist Franco Caprioli, Fabrizio Caprioli was drawing since early childhood. He did his first illustratioon work for various newspapers and books of the Azione Cattolica, as well as the daily paper Il Corriere Della Serra of Rome. Upon the death of his father in 1974, he began working for Il Giornalino. Starting with 'Un Marinaio... Ammiraglio' with texts by Roudulph, he produced several independent stories, such as 'Addio corni d'Oro' (1975), 'Il Tesoro di Nadir' (1975), 'Orme Sulla Neve'. In 1986, he began working on the series 'La Leggenda Della Città Senza Nome', followed by 'Lo Scettro di Khepnes', which remained unfinished due to his premature death in 1989. At first strongly influenced by his father, he soon developed a more personal style as well as a more fantasy approach, whereas his father preferred stories that took place at sea.

La Leggenda Della Città Senza Nome, by Fabrizio Caprioli

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