Jingle Jangle Tales, by George Carlson

George Leonard Carlson was born in 1887. In 1920 and 1921 he illustrated two children's books by Gene Stone: 'Jane and the Owl' and 'Adventures of Jane'. Then in 1928 he did the illustrations for 'The Adventures of Toby Spaniel', and in 1931 he provided color illustrations for Fact and Story Reader. Then in 1936 Carlson illustrated the dust jacket for a first novel by an unknown author. The following year he wrote and illustrated a series of Pastime Fun Books: 'Fun-Time Games', 'Puzzles', 'Stunts', 'Drawings'. After that he became the illustrator for Howard Garis' classic nonsense series 'Uncle Wiggily' stories in 1939, and worked on the titles 'Jingle Jangle ' and 'The Pie-Face Prince of Pretzelburg'. Later on Carlson focused primarily on children's books.

Jingle Jangle comics cover, by George Carlson

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