comic art by Caro Caron

Caro Caron is a Montreal-based artist who published her work in newspapers and magazines like Kick Magazine, (Montreal free magazine 2003), Cyclops, Aim of the Eye Album (Cunundrum Press, 2002), L'Enfance du Cyclope (Zone Convective Ed. 2002), Fish Piss Magazine (2001), Katshup Comic Calendar (2001), Katshup Fanzine (2001), Ferraille Fanzine (Ferraille International, 2000), Le Cyclope Album (Zone Convective Ed., 2000), Montreal Mirror Special Comix Edition (1999), Kerozen #14 (1998), Mac Tin Tac comic book (1998), King Can comix fanzine (1998 with D. Pétrin), and Women's Comic Book (1998). She participated four years in the night street painting event Nuit Blanche Sur Tableau Noir in Montreal and has been a body painter and make-up artist for 11 years. She was invited to the Festival de B.D. d'Angoulême, France, 2003 to represent Québec with Cyclops Artists and received grants from the Canadian Government for all Cyclops issues.

Ferraille illustration by Caro Caron

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