Fred, by Giorgio Carpinteri

Giorgio Carpinteri made his debut in Il Mago in 1978. Subsequently, he contributed to Pinguino and Nemo, and eventually to Frigidaire and Linus with a series of short stories collected in the book 'Flirt', published by Primo Carnera in 1984. During the following years, Carpinteri made comics and illustrations for many publications, manifests and advertising campaigns. He also cooperated with the RAI broadcasting company on various projects. Carpinteri was part of the so-called Valvoline group, a group of experimental comic artists, that followed in the footsteps of José Muñoz, Joost Swarte and Art Spiegelman. Other members of the group were Igort, Kramsky and Mattotti.

comic art by Giorgio Carpinteri (1978)

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