Brainmaster and Vixen, by Gerald Carr 1977

Gerald Carr was born in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia in 1944. He studied art at the Bendigo Institute of Technology. He moved to Sydney and started working for W.G. Granger Publications. Gerald Carr moved back to Melbourne in 1967 to work for a printing company and advertising agency. He created the strip 'Brigette' for teenage magazine Go Set, and it was syndicated as a Sunday strip in 1969. A year later, Carr's first comic book appeared, 'Wart's Epic', which was also published in the United States.

Vixen, by Gerald Carr

He also did some of the drawing for 'Devil Doone'. By 1980, 'Brigette' ran in the Sydney Sun Herald and Carr published 'Brain Master and Vixen', 'Fire-fang' and 'Shock Raider'. He did a lot of advertising and illustration work until 1992, when 'Vixen' was published throughout Australia and the United States. He won the 'Cartoon of the Year' award, and in 1994 he produced 'The Dirty Digger', which appeared in Australian War Stories.

The Dirty Digger, by Gerald Carr

Gerad Carr with Vixen

Vixen Magazine

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