Crusader Comic by Fred Carter
Crusader Comics

Fred Carter is an African American comic book artist, known as the co-worker of fundamentalist comic book artist Jack T. Chick. Carter began working anonymously for Chick Publications in 1972, illustrating several of the so-called Chick tracts, small comics in order to promote Protestant evangelism from a fundamentalist point of view. His work is easily distinguishable from his task master, since he drew in a more realistic style.

The Deceived by Fred Carter
The Deceived

Carter also illustrated the company's comic book series 'Crusader Comics', that tells the story of two fundamentalist Christians, dealing with topics like the occult, Bible prophecy and evolution. Carter and Chick also collaborated on the 2001 film 'The Light of the World', presenting Bible stories through oil paintings by Carter.

The Letter by Fred Carter
The Letter

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