Mush Stebbins by Hannah and A.D. Carter

Hannah Carter was the third wife of American comic artist A.D. Carter, who is best known for his gag series 'Just Kids' (King Features Syndicate, 1923-1957). During its final years Hannah helped her husband as assistant-writer and penciller. Originally 'Just Kids' was a typical children's comic about a group of children who had frequent run-ins with a meddlesome patrolman. Despite running for decades the backgrounds and fashions in the comic always looked as if time stood still since the 1920s. By the late 1940s it had become incredibly old-fashioned and lost its popularity with readers as a result. Hannah decided to step in and give the comic a makeover. The characters all received different wardrobes and the setting became more contemporary. The title character, Mush Stebbins, received an older sister, Stelle, which also prompted a title change in 1950. Under the new name 'Mush Stebbins and his Sister' (1950-1957) the series became more about the personality contrast between the two siblings. Shelly Leferman, best known as a letterer for Marvel and DC Comics, was possibly also a ghost artist on the strip in the period 1951-1952. After A.D. Carter died in 1957 the comic was cancelled as well. Hannah seems to have retired since as well. 

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