comic art by Cartier

Éric Cartier describes himself as a self-taught voyeur. He made his debut in 1989 with 'La Mer à Boire' (written by De Naegelen), and, in the same year, the science fiction story 'Caste Magnétique'. After a long stay in the United States, he illustrated James Rose's 'Tompkins Square Santera'. When in Jamaica, he created and self-produced 'Flip in Paradise'. Back in Europe, he teamed up with artist Joan and founded the International Stakhano Association. This association promotes small-press productions and organizes exhibitions.

Apart from his editorial activities, Cartier created albums like 'Tutti Frutti Music', 'Tutti Frutti Pin Up' and 'Europiccolo'. He also worked for Spirou magazine. After producing 'Drylander' for Soleil in 1999, he teamed up with Lewis Trondheim and pursued the series 'Kaput & Zösky' at Delcourt from 2002. Cartier's style is fast and colorful, and displays a definite sense of fun in his drawing.

Virtual, by Cartier

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