Dr Mortis, by Maximo Carvajal

Máximo Carvajal studied Fine Arts in Viña del Mar, and then moved to Santiago to study Applied Arts. He began his professional career working at the Estudios Norte, where he worked for the magazine Vistazo. After leaving the studio, Carvajal went to work for Ventárron in 1955, and created three characters for the magazine. His work also appeared in Clarín and El Mercurio. By 1965, Carvajal left El Mercurio and went to work for the science fiction mags Rocket and Robot, published by Editorial Zig Zag. Other science fiction work by him appeared in Bandido ('Axo, un Viajero Espacial'). During the same period, he drew the detective 'Black Sloane' for Bandido. He also worked on the popular horror series 'Dr. Mortis', based on the radioplay by Juan Marino.

Upon the political changes in Chile in 1973, Carvajal helped set up the Pincel studios, in order to work for foreign clients. In the 1970's, he drew 'Dina y Nino en la tierra perdida de Mu' in Mampato, and illustrated war stories for the UK market. In later years, Carvajal went to work in animation. In the 1990s, he worked with his old colleague Themo Lobos again, this time for Pimpín. He cooperated on the 'Condorito' animation series at Grafilms, and worked with Jaime Castro on Argentinian Hanna-Barbera films. From 2004, he contributed to Santiago Peñailillo's horror magazine Makabro.

Makabro, by Maximo Carvajal

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