Paco Tecla y Lafayette by Casanyes
'Paco Tecla y Lafayette' (Garibolo, #21, 1987). 

In the 1970s and the early 1980s Ramón María Casanyes was one of the various artists who ghosted part of the abundant output of Francisco Ibáñez's popular series 'Mortadelo y Filemón'. It was a long-term work he did for publisher Bruguera. In the early 1980s he contributed 'Tito, Homo Sapiens 2000' to Jauja. In 1986 he created 'Paco Tecla y Lafayette', an obvious surrogate for 'Mortadelo y Filemón'. After a brief stage at Bruguera the series was transferred to Garibolo, a weekly that took over the Bruguera style for a while, then to Guai.

Paco Tecla y Lafayette, by Casanyes
'Paco Tecla y Lafayette'.

Casanyes addressed his works to more adult readers in Titánic, Cimoc and Rambla in the 1980s. 'Versiones Inéditas' and all the other satirical stories that he did for Rambla appeared in 1985. 'El Comediante y el Astrónomo', a tale which belatedly appeared in a 1992 issue of Cimoc, was a reprint from a 1987 issue of short-lived magazine Mochuelo. Casanyes published 'Sigfrido' in the atypical magazine Rumbo Sur.

In 1993 Casanyes turned out 'La Estrella de Nesquik'. It gave rise to a series of hard-cover comics for children featuring the anthropomorphic rabbit Quicky. 'El Misterio de las Ortigas', 'El Impostor' and 'El Carámbano Negro' followed during the 1990s. They were used as a way of advertising a Nestlé product so they weren't sold in shops.

Versiones Ineditas, by Casanyes

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