Alarm in de renstal door Casarrubio
Alarm in de renstal (Robbedoes #1019, 1958). Flemish version of 'Alerte au haras' from Spirou.

Roberto González Casarrubio is a Spanish artist who has mainly worked for publishers outside Spain through agencies. Born in Madrid, he studied drawing and painting at the School of Ceramics, Arts and Crafts from 1948.

He made his first comics for the Spanish market. These included 'Dos Hombres Buenos', a serial written by José Mallorquí and drawn in cooperation with Santiago Martín Salvador for Chicos in 1954. In 1957 he was present in Balalín with several stories from scripts by either himself or Millán.

Dos Chicos Buenos by Casarrubio
Dos Chicos Buenos

His main occupation became agency work for Opera Mundi (Paris), World's Press (Brussels) and Fleetway (London). In 1957 he was present in the Belgian magazine Spirou with several installments in the historical series 'Les Belles Histoires de l'Oncle Paul', written by Octave Joly.

From the following year, his work appeared in British romance titles, starting with Valentine. From the early 1960's his art also graced the pages of Marilyn, Roxy, Marty, Mirabelle and Boyfriend, followed by School Girls and Star Love in the second half of the decade.

Comic art for Star Love by Casarrubio
Comic art for Star Love

By 1966 he was working as an art director for several agencies. He also intensified his activities as a painter, making portraits and paintings with mythological themes. He had his first solo exhibition at the Gallery Balboa 13 in 1979. He left the field of commercial art and has dedicated all his time to painting and free art since.

Oncle Paul by Casarrubio
Flemish version of Oncle Paul story Le secret d'Hannon (Spirou #1022, 1958)

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