comic artwork by Richard Case

Richard Case got an education in illustrating in Rhode Island and an apprenticeship under Walt Simonson. His first work in the comics medium was a run in Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' in the mid-1980s. After that he worked with DC, and helped spearhead the Vertigo line of surreal and adult comic themes along with Grant Morrison in his acclaimed run on the 'Doom Patrol' series.

Ghostdancing by Richard Case

Since then, Richard Case's work has appeared in such popular industry-leading comics as 'Spider-Man', 'Sandman', 'Preacher', 'Fantastic Four', and 'Ghostdancing' (a six-part original miniseries). For the past few years, though, he has focused on building the Tim Hunter mythos in the Vertigo and Sandman lines. This has included 'Hunter: the Names of Magic', and 'Hunter: Age of Magic'. Working with Dylan Horrocks, they grew the story-line into a fully fledged world of characters, drama, and intrigue enjoyed by fans all over the world.

Sheena by Richard Case

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