Jolly Jinks by S.J. Cash
Jolly Jinks (1915)

S.J. Cash was a British early 20th-century comics artist and children's book illustrator. He is mostly known for his work for the nursery comics published by the Amalgamated Press.

Stavert Johnstone Cash was born in 1884 in Chorlton, Lancashire, as son of a journalist. In 1906 he started illustrating for Boy's Own Paper, a moralistic Christian story paper published by the Religious Tract Society. One of his drawings for this magazine even predicted the invention of the mobile phone as early as 1914! Around the same period, he made illustrations for Cassell's children's magazine Little Folks.

Illustration for Little Folks (1912)

He then began his association with Alfred Harmsworth's Amalgamated Press, where he became a regular artist for the nursery comics. He appeared in The Playbox alongside colleagues such as Mabel Lucie Attwell, Mabel Francis Taylor and Julius Stafford Baker II. There he created comics series like 'The Furry Fluffkins' (1909). For the The Rainbow, the newly launched colour supplement of The Daily Mirror, he drew 'Rainbow Cats' Colony' (1914). He additionally made 'Jolly Jinks in Jungle Land' (1915) and 'Fairy Farm' (1921) for Puck. Another comic strip about a farm, 'Funland Farm' (1928) could be read in Little Sparks while 'Billy and Bobby Blackbird' (1921) lightened up pages in Bubbles and the Children's Fairy.

Cash's work furthermore appeared in Tiger Tim's Weekly, where his 'The Merry Mice' (1921) and 'Dr. Grunter and his Scholars' (1935) ran. Years later he also joined the new version of Playbox, this time as the continuation of Jungle Jinks. For this publication he created 'The Tiny Tots of Sleepy Town' (1925), 'Tiny Tim' (1928), 'The Animal Alphabet' (1929) and 'Puss in Boots' (1936). Later in his career he furthermore drew the comic strip 'Jolly Farmer Field' (1939) in Happy Days.

He passed away Bucklow, Cheshire, in 1958.

"A Vision of the future. The Pocket Marconigraph. Tapping off a Message for Help" (The Boy's Own Paper, 1914)

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