Chambre 179, by Giovanna Casotto

Giovanna Casotto is one of the few female artists working in the genre of  erotic comics, and one of the regular contributors to the erotic Selen magazine. She began her comics career working together with erotic artist Franco Saudelli. To produce her work, first either she or Franco takes photographs of herself, then she draws them over in a realistic style - so, in a way, she is an actress in her own stories. Among her comic titles are 'Expériences Interdites', 'Les Désirs de Venus', 'Mauvaises Habitude' and 'Chambre 179', alle published in Vents d'Ouest's collection 'Selen presents'. Among others, she has collaborated with the magazines L'Intrepido, Selen, Blue and Desire, and her works were translated in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Selen, by Giovanna Casotto

comic art by Giovanna Casotto

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