Hari Kari, by Tommy Castillo
Hari Kari - Live & Untamed #0 (1996)

Tommy Castillo has been working as a gallery artist, and in comics, films design and fantasy art, specializing in the twisted and the macabre. He has done art on 'Hari Kari' for Black Out Comics, as well as 'Batman Detective Comics' and 'Legends of the Dark Knight' for DC Comics. He has worked with George Romero on 'Toe Tags', also for DC Comics. In the gaming world, he has also done artwork for Wizards of the Coast, Kenzer & Company, and Z-man Games. He has also released his own art book, 'Dragons Myths & Mayhem, The Art of Tommy Castillo'.

Hari Kari, by Tommy Castillo
Hari Kari - The Diary of Kari Sun! #1/2 (1997)

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