Sagen en Legenden by Castor
Sagen en Legenden - Lenneke Mare (P@per #9, 2009)

Christian Vandendriessche, who signs with Castor, studied art at the Academy in Leuven and at the Sint-Lukas School of Arts in Brussels. Shortly after his graduation, he was hired by Willy Vandersteen to work at the studio that produced 'Bessy' stories. He left the studio after a couple of years to work on his own creations. He then made a Celtic comic story for Hexa, a magazine specialized in legends, which he signed with Chris. He started signing with Castor in 2000.

comic art by Castor

He got assignments from several other publishers and did the backgrounds for an animated film. He returned to comics when the began a collaboration with Randkrant, in which he tells a legend or folktale situated in the area of Brussels. Comic adaptations of folktales and sagas from the area around Brussels became his trademark. A book collection called 'In De Rand' was published in 2010. He was also involved in the launch of the Flavirama theme park, and he has published in P@per, the magazine of the Brabant Strip society. In 2009 he worked with graphic artist Lode Claes on a comic about the history of Tienen.

comic art by Castor

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