Aathon, by Dominique Cébé

Dominique Cèbe is a self-taught artist, who first came to notice in 1996, when he was one of the fifty 50 finalists of the Alph Art Graine de Pro contest. He made the album 'Dessine-moi Yerres' with Jasmine Heymelaux for SeCm éditions in 1999, and then created the historical album 'Aathon' with Simon Rocca for Soleil in 2002. He worked with writer François Corteggiani on a couple of 'Zembla' and 'Gallix' stories for Semic Press, two books of the series 'Le Roi du Monde' for Glénat (2004-05), and on the 'Forg' series in Pif Gadget between 2004 and 2008.

He nowadays works under the pen name Mankho, and has continued his collaboration with Corteggiani for the western 'L'homme à la tête de fer' for Grand West (2012) and a comic album about Pieter Bruegel for Glénat (2015).

Pieter Breugel by Mankho
Pieter Breugel

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