Oskar, by CefischerOskar, by Cefischer

Carl Fischer is known in the German comics field as the author of the comic 'Oskar der Familienvater'. This family comic, in which all the main characters are cats, first appeared in Frankfurter Illustrierte in 1952, and ran for about ten years. It gave a good impression of family life in post-War Germany. Several book collections of the series have appeared. Little is known about the artist Fischer, but he was injured by a bombing during the War, and drew all of his comics with his mouth. In 1950, he had published the book 'Ping und die Schatzinsel' at Cobet Verlag. He was a very popular watercolor artist in Berlin and Frankfurt between 1950 and 1972.

Ping und die Schatinzel, by Cefischer

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