Tawa, by Joaquin Cervantes Bassoco
Tawa el Hombre Gacela

Joaquin Cervantes Bassoco is one the most important Mexican comic artists. He began his career in 1937 with 'Aventuras de Exploradores' in the magazine Palomilla of the Office of Public Education. In 1940, he joined the magazine Hércules and produced 'Los Amantes de Venecia o El Puente de los Suspiros', based on the novel by Michel Zevaco. During the same period, he contributed episodes of 'Wama, el Hijo de la Luna' to Mundial.

El Diamante Negro, by Joaquin Cervantes Bassoco
El Diamante Negro

Cervantes Bassoco's first claim to fame was the comical strip 'Pies Planos', published in the daily La Afición between 1940 and 1942. Then until 1953 he published 'Tirando a Gol', starring El Pirata Negro, in Chamaco. He then relaunched 'Wama, el Hijo de la Luna' and published 'Puños de Oro' and 'El Circo'. When he left the Chamaco in 1953, he teamed up with José Martínez Estrada and founded the Corporación Editorial Mexicana, through which he published his comics ('El Pirata Negro', 'Wama', 'Pies Planos') between 1953 and 1959, accompanied by a team of artists containing Ángel Almazan, Cesar Garduño España, Antonio Cabrales and Gloria López Mora.

comic art by Joaquin Cervantes Bassoco

Starting in 1959 he went to work for EDAR (Editorial Argumentos) and published over 600 episodes of 'Tawa, el Hombre Gacela'. In 1966, he launched his own publishing firm, Editorial GPCB, where he continued to publish 'Tawa' (until 1971), as well as the soccer comic 'Diamante Negro'. During this period, among his co-workers were Benjamín Orozco, Rosa D. Tamayo, Ángel Almazán and R. Chanchola.

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