Arthur le Fantome, by Jean Cezard (Pif Gadget #7, 7/4/1969)
Arthur le Fantome (Pif Gadget #7, 7/4/1969)

Jean Cézard was a prolific author in both the realistic and the humorous genres, and is considered on the masters of French post-War comics. Born in Membray, Haute-Sâone, he made his debut in Francs-Jeux in 1946 with several illustrations as well as the gag series 'Les Aventures de Monsieur Toudou'.

M. Toudou, by Jean Cezard (Francs-Jeux, 1951)
M. Toudou, by Jean Cezard (Francs-Jeux, 1951)

He subsequently started to work for various comics peridiocals and comic books. Starting in 1947, he drew 'Pillul' for the magazines of the S.A.E.T.L. group, drew 'Monsieur Pipe' in Mon Journal and later Dakota, and contributed to the collection Le Scalp.

Le Père Passe-Passe, by Jean Cézard

Cézard created several realistic comics for the publishing house Aventures et Voyages between 1949 and 1954, including 'Brik' and 'Yak', both published in magazines of the same name. In the years that followed, he remained associated with this publisher, drawing series like 'Jim Minimum' (in Dakota from 1959) and 'Billy Bonbon' (a series of albums from 1973). Between 1955 and 1968, Cézard was also present at Éditions Lug, where he illustrated the title comic of the Kiwi pocket book.

Arthur le Fantome, by Jean Cézard
Arthur, from Dutch magazine Sjors #1, 1967

Jean Cézard became one of the key artists of the magazine Vaillant in 1951, starting with 'Les Compagnons de la Section Noire', 'La Quête de l'Aruda', 'Le Chevalier de Lagardère' and 'Terre de Héros'. But it was the little ghost 'Arthur le Fantôme' that became Cézard's most famous creation.

Surplouf, by Cézard

Between 1953 and 1977, the adventures of Arthur, who could fly through walls but also through time, appeared in Vaillant and its successors Pif and Pif Gadget. In addition, Cézard created series like 'Les Tristus et les Rigolus' (1969-73) and 'Surplouf' (1973-77).

cover for Vaillant, by Jean Cezard

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