Jim Aydumien, by Pierre Chéry
Jim Aydumien

Pierre Chéry was an artist of the publishing house Fleurus. He drew his series 'Jim Aydumien et Heppy' in Coeurs Vaillants with scripts by Guy Hempay (a pseudonym for Jean-Marie Pélaprat) from 1957. This cowboy series about Jim l'Astucieux continued in Coeurs Vaillants's successors J2 Jeunes and Formule 1 until 1981.

Ouen le Bucheron, by Pierre Chery (1964)
Ouen le Bucheron (1964)

From 1957, Chéry alternated with Jean-Louis Pesch on the 'Sylvain et Sylvette' series, of which he did five episodes. He also did several game pages. In the late 1950s, he drew advertising strips for Frimatic that appeared in magazines like Tintin and Ames Vaillantes.

Frimatic by Pierre Chery
Frimatic (Ames Vaillantes, 11/05/1958)

During the 1960's he was also present in Francs-Jeux, where he drew series like 'Ouen le Bûcheron' (1960), 'Nazaire' (1961), and 'Tug' (1963).

Nazaire, by Pierre Chery (1961)
Nazaire (1961)

In Fripounet, he made 'Billy Bull' (1971) and 'Oncle Jo Tenderfoot'. From 1979 to 1983 he was present in Virgule, doing 'Quen le Bûcheron' and 'Clodomir'. Pierre Chéry retired in 1985.

Cover for J2 Jeunes, by Pierre ChéryCover for J2 Jeunes, by Pierre Chéry

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