Artwork by Vassilis Chilas for the expo 'On The Road' (Athens, 2005).

Vassilis Chilas is an Athens-based Greek comics collector, translator, creator and publisher. One of the prominent writers of his country's indie comic scene, he pioneered local superhero comics with 'Ypsilon' (2004) and 'Aeonius' (2019), two series he co-created with the artist Thanos Kollias. With Panagiotis Tsaousis, Chilas also ventured created the first Balkan western comic with the limited series 'Listarxi' (2018).

Life and career
Born in Athens in 1968, Vassilis Chilas (Βασίλης Χειλάς) began creating indie comics in the late 1990s. By the early 2000s, he switched focus from drawing to writing, although he still produces the occasional illustration. When he is not busy creating comics for his own Phase Productions imprint, he runs the V.A.Chilas Jewellery Shop in Athens.

Artwork by Vassilis Chilas from: Comiczein #1, 1997.

His first claim to fame came in 2004, when he teamed up with the artist Thanos Kollias to create 'Ypsilon', the first all-Greek superhero team, with names and powers inspired by Greek mythology. The series was released in five comic books by Soul Twinkles Publications - the first also in English - and was then continued as a serial in the publisher's anthology series 'Real Comics'. For this title, Chilas also created the mystery series 'Fonos meta sylogis' ("The Murder Collection") with artist Georges Kampadais and the horror strip 'To Koritsi me to Vameno Prosopo' ("The Girl with the Painted Face") with Nana Papadopoulou.

Phase Productions
In 2013, Chilas and the artist Angelos Konstantinou co-created the adult anthropomorphic comic serial 'To Pepromeno tou Miltou Persidi' ("The Destiny of Miltos Presidis"). Self-published by Phase Productions, it tells the story of a photo journalist cat, who dives into his own mysterious past. With Panagiotis Tsaousis, Chilas created the five-issue limited Balkan western series 'Listarxi' ('Brigands', 2018), set in the period between the First and Second World War. He subsequently rejoined Thanos Kollias with the launch of 'Aeonius' ("Eternal", 2019), another local superhero comic book.

Another publication by Phase Productions is the anthology magazine Epifany, for which Chilas collaborated with the artists Captain Jimmy and Panos Kamoulakos on the superhero mystery series 'Grrrowl' (2019).

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