Arne And, by Charlie Christensen
Arne And, art by Charlie Christensen

Charlie Christensen is a Swedish comic artist, born in Bromma. He has lived in Pamplona, Spain, since 1988. Between 1983 and 1995, Charlie Christensen did the satirical 'Donald Duck' parody 'Arne Anka' in Galago magazine. This anthropomorphic comic, about a failed alcoholic poet in Stockholm, was not accepted by Disney, and the company threatened to sue Christensen. Christensen then let his character have a surgical operation to give him new looks.

Odilou, art by Charlie Christensen (Galago, February 1986)
Odilou (Galago, February 1986)

However, Christensen gave his character its original appearance back after a while by giving him a false beak. In 1999, he started the series 'Röde Orm' ('Red Snake'), a comics version of a classic tale of Swedish vikings. For the sports magazine Offside, he has drawn 'Bar Nero'. Christensen's graphic novel 'Odilou', a love story set during the Russian Revolution, was published in 2008.

Arne And, art by Charlie Christensen
Arne And

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