comic art by Tsai Chih Chung

Tsai Chih-Chung is a master in comic adaptations of literature and oriental philosophy. He drew his first comic pages at age seventeen. In 1971 he became the art director of the Kuan Chi Programme Service and five years later he founded the Far East Animation Production Company and the Dragon Production Company. In 1983 Chung created the characters of Drunken Swordsman, Fat Dragon, One-eyed Marshal and Bold Supersleuth, which he used in several series for various magazines. His comics were widely distributed, not only in Taiwan, but also in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, the US and some European countries.

The publication of his album 'The Sayings of Zhuang Zi' in 1986 was a turning point in his career. By 1991, more than a million copies of this highly successful album were sold. He continued his activities with 'The Sayings of Lao Zi', 'The Sayings of Confucius' and two books about zen. He then intensified his production and dozens of titles followed, such as 'Strange Tales of Liaozhai', 'A New Account of World Tales' and 'Fantasies of The Six Dynasties'.

comic art by Tsai Chih Chung

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