Tribulete, by Guillermo Cifré

Guillermo Cifré was among the new generation of Spanish comic artists who emerged in the 1940s. These artist deviated from the juvenile aspect of comics and focused on social satire. The pioneering magazine in this genre was Pulgarcito, in which Cifré published his comics, commenting on burocracy, the treatment of the middle class, queues in front of shops, low salaries etc.

Don Furcio, by Guillermo Cifré

Cifré was remarkable for his verbal outbursts and typical expressions, adapted by many Spanish people. His most famous characters were 'Don Furcio', 'Cucufato Pi' and mainly 'Reporter Tribulete'. In the 1950s he was present in Dot magazine, were he produced the Superman parody 'Aventuras Morroco Tudas del Super-Birria'.

Don Furcio, by Guillermo Cifré

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