Pansy Potter, by James Clark

James Clark was born in Glasgow and began working at the publishing firm of John Leng in Dundee in 1919. He contributed illustrations to adult and children's publications. For more than thirty years, he drew the adventures of 'Willie Waddle' for various titles and annuals. When D.C. Thomson launched The Dandy Comic in 1937, Clark was present with 'Jimmy and his Grockle'.

He then made 'Leave It To Lop Ears' in Magic Comic, 'Centipede Pete' and 'King of the Jungle' in Dandy Comic. Clark was asked to do the illustration of 'Three Men in a Tub' in 1940, and these illustrations show his artistic talent to the full extent. His cartoons, as well as the strip 'Towser', appeared in The People's Journal (1944-47).

From the late 1940s, he was present in The Beano with 'The Invisible Giant' and a new version of 'Pansy Potter' (1949-55). From 1953 to 1960, he drew 'Tiny Tim' for The Topper and his other 1950s work includes 'Young Dandy', 'The Castaway Kydds' and 'Dockland Davie' for The Dandy. James Clark died in 1977, aged eighty-two.

Three Men in a Tub, by James Clark

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