La main verte, by Nicole Claveloux

Nicole Claveloux studied at the School of Fine Arts in her native town Saint-Etienne. After her studies, she moved to Paris, where she started out working as an illustrator in 1966. She published a couple of children's books with several publishers. Her first comic was 'Hop-là! Dans un Ciel de Printemps', which was written by Bonhomme and published by Harlin Quist in 1971. She then created her best known character, 'L'Insupportable Grabote', in Okapi in 1973. Album collections were published by Harlin Quist and Bayard Presse. She cooperated with Bonhomme again, this time on the artwork, on 'Les Aventures de Deux Cowboys' at Editions du Centurion in 1974.

By late 1976, Claveloux drew 'Planche-Neige' in the feminist magazine Ah! Nana, and joined Métal Hurlant. She drew several comics for these magazines, that were collected in albums by Les Humanoïdes Associés. With Elisabeth Salomon (Zha), she made 'La Main Verte' and 'Morte-Saison', which were published in album by Les Humanoïdes Associés. During the 1980s, she published 'Tout est Bon dans le Bébé' (Ed. Crapule, 1985) and 'Histoires de Clounes' (Ed. Les Pseudo-Editions du 141e Ciel, 1988).

Grabote, by Nicole Claveloux

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