De Hallen by Jan Cleijne
De Hallen (from Amsterdam comics paper Wat Wil West, 2014)

Jan Cleijne is a Dutch illustrator, comic and conceptual artist. He attended several Art Academies in Den Bosch, Maastricht en Arnhem but never got his degree. He grew up reading classic European comics and eventually turned to creating comics himself. He has written scenarios for Donald Duck weekly and in 2008 and 2009 he made the adventure comic 'Luuk' for National Graphic Junior.

Wans Wonzawans by Jan Cleijne
Wans Wonzawans

In 2010 he participated in the anthology 'Mooi is dat' with a comic adaptation of 'Het Lied der Dwaze Bijen' by Martinus Nijhoff. He continued to work in comics with a long comic story 'Zuidas', written by Jantien de Kroon, and also a short story,'Terugkomst'. His short comic 'De verhuizing' was not published.

Zuidas by Jan Cleijne

'Helden van de Tour', his debut graphic novel about the history of the Tour de France, was published by Oog & Blik/De Bezige Bij and presented in Gallery Lambiek on 31 May 2013. Besides comics he also participates with the animators of Studio Mooves, creating backgrounds for projects like 'Het Elixer' (2008) and 'DirkJan Heerst' (2010).

Helden van de tour by Jan Cleijne
Helden van de tour

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