Night-clubber by Serge Clerc

Serge Clerc began his professional career in 1975 in the monthly magazine Métal Hurlant, after having created his own fanzine, Abolutely Live. Initially a science-ficion artist, his story, 'Captain Futur', appeared in book format in 1979 by Les Humanöides Associés. He also succeeded Enki Bilal on the graphical part of 'L'Exterminateur 17' (script by Jean-Pierre Dionnet). Influenced by Tardi, Sire and Voss, his style soon became transformed into the clear line and atomic style well-known by artists like Chaland, Ever Meulen and Swarte. Cooperating with Philippe Manoeuvre, Clerc became one of the main representatives of the "BD Rock" scene, together with Ben Radis, Dodo and Frank Margerin.

Captain Futur, by Serge Clerc

In 1984, when the book 'La Legende du Rock & Roll' appeared, it was noticed by the British pop magazine Melody Maker, for which he became a freelance illustrator. His artwork also appeared in other (international) music magazines, such as Rock & Folk (France), New Musical Express (UK) and OOR (The Netherlands). Meanwhile, his stories still appeared in Métal Hurlant until the magazine came to an end in 1987. For the magazine Rock and Folk, he created the detective 'Phil Perfect' and his alter-ego 'Sam Bronx', a series that was also printed in Métal Hurlant and in books by Les Humanoïdes Associés.

Phil Perfect by Serge Clerc
Phil Perfect

He did some short stories together with François Avril for the anthology 'Frank Margerin Présente'. In 1997, his story 'Les Limaces Rouges' appeared in the American Heavy Metal Magazine. In 1999, Serge Clerc made a comic comeback when he started publishing short stories again, such as 'Irresistible Ascension'.

comic art by Serge Clerc (1979)

Clerc has been mainly active as an illustrator and designer in the 2000s, while his comics activities were limited to a series of anthology projects. In 2011 he published 'Spirou vers la modernité', an homage artbook to the classic character of the publishing house Dupuis, who has been drawn by atomic style masters like Jijé and Franquin.

Artwork by Serge Clerc

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