Ling Khi Tong, by Arnold Clerkx

Arnold Clerkx was born in Malang in the Dutch Indies. At the gymnasium he was already making caricatures of his teachers, for which he was frequently punished. In the War, he studied medicine in Leiden, where he was arrested by the German police for making caricatures of Hitler and other nazi officers. After being imprisoned in a concentration camp near Köln for a year, he found shelter at the Rijksacademie for Beeldende Kunst in Amsterdam.

Ling Khi Tong, by Arnold Clerk

In 1946, he published the comic strip 'Ling Khi Tong', based on an idea of editor Rutten, for De Nieuwe Dag. The strip also ran in local papers like Nieuwe Haarlemsche Courant. When about a half year later, the editor of De Nieuwe Dag found out Clerkx wasn't a Catholic, he was immediately fired. Clerkx then published 'Joessoef' in De Sirene, a newspaper for Noord-Oost-Brabant, edited by his brother-in-law K. Veltman. He then worked as a graphic designer until his retirement. Arnold is the father of comic artist Aart Clerkx.

Joessoef, by Arnold Clerkx
Joessoef, by Arnold Clerkx

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