Global Frequency by Tomm Coker
Global Frequency

Comic book artist and film director Tomm Coker began his career in the early 1990s, drawing for companies like Image ('Vanguard'), Dark Horse, Marvel ('Wolverine') and DC ('Xenobrood'). He worked on titles like 'Gen 13 Bootleg' (Image, 1997) and 'Nightfall: The Black Chronicles' (Homage Comics, 1999-2000) and did contributions to Penthouse Comix. He left the comics field for a while, but returned in 2003 with the DC/Vertigo mini-series 'Blood & Water', written by Judd Winick. He also drew an issue for Warren Ellis's 'Global Frequency' series. In 2009 he drew the Marvel mini-series 'Daredevil Noir' with Alexander Irvine. His movie credits include the short film 'A Day Between' (2003) and his feature film 'Catacombs' (2007).

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