A Christmas Carol by Michael Cole
'A Christmas Carol'.

Michael Cole is a British illustrator, best known for his 1985 comic book version of Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol', published by Pagoda Books.

A Christmas Carol
According to the info in the book, Cole based the looks of the characters on the people from his hometown Somerset, Norton St. Philip. Cole himself starred as the Ghost of Christmas Present. Cole's drawings are hyperrealistic and full of atmosphere, with a strong influence of the 19th century illustrators of Punch magazine. He particularly paid homage to the very first illustrator of the first edition of Dickens' masterpiece: John Leech. Some images in the book are directly lifted from Leech's illustrations, though adapted in Cole's own, more realistic style. In the scene where Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Future roam through the slums of London the artist also references Leech's iconic cartoon 'Capitalism and Labour'.

Diary of a Victorian Mouse
Cole is also the author of the book 'Diary of a Victorian Mouse' (1991), which is illustrated by Ángel Domínguez.

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