Myra North, by Charles Coll
Myra North, by Charles Coll

Charles Coll was mainly active as an illustrator during the 1920s and 1930s. He worked in advertising and for magazines like Child Life and Country Gentlemen. He did syndicated features like 'Coll's Weekly Cartoon on American Society' for the North American Society. In 1927, he made a daily strip called 'Deb Days' for the Ledger Syndicate. He ghosted on such strips as 'The Shadow', 'Roy Powers, Eagle Scout' and 'Connie' around 1935. Between 1936 and 1941, he worked with Ray Thompson on the 'Myra North, Special Nurse' newspaper strip. In the 1940s, he worked for comic books, either through the Binder Studio or through the Gibson Studio, for which he was also art director. His work appeared in Fawcett's 'Bulletman' and 'Captain Midnight', but mainly in Street & Smith' comics like 'The Shadow', 'Doc Savage', 'Red Dragon' and 'Elliman, Ace of Magic'.

The Shadow, by Charles Coll

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