The Kelly Kids, by Nate Collier

Nathan Collier was born in 1883 in a log cabin in Orangeville, Illinois. By 1888 his parents moved to Pearl City, where his father worked as a cooper and a photographer. He studied at the Acme School of Drawing and at the Lockwood Art School. His cartooning career started in 1905. He did cartoons for the Chicago Journal, as well as the feature 'Our Own Movies' (1920). His panel 'Little Journeys to Yesterday' alternated with 'Wouldn't It Make You Mad'. He did the comic strip 'Kelly Kids' around 1923 and cartoons for Life and Judge. In the 1930s, he made the panel 'Can It Be Done?' and the comic strip 'The Professor'. Collier also illustrated Will Rogers' book 'Illiterate Digest' and some newspaper articles written by the famous comedian. At one point he was also an animator, but left the profession because it was "too tedious". He died in New Jersey at age 77 in 1961. 

comic from De Humorist (1938)
14 Days of Holiday (from Dutch magazine De Humorist, 1938)

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