Phil Collins was a Canadian illustrator and comic strip artist, known for his newspaper strip 'Leonardo' (1976-1977). Although short-lived, the gag comic was notable for its unusual graphic style. 

Life and career
James Phillip Collins was born in 1931 in Toronto and attended Western Technical School. He has pursued several creative disciplines throughout his life. As a young man, he was a member of The Three Reeds, a harmonica trio. Their musical comedy act played in many venues in the UK. Returning to Ontario, he worked as a commercial and advertising artist, but also delved in painting. He exhibited and sold his paintings in galleries throughout Ontario.

Collins wrote and drew a comic strip called 'Leonardo', which ran in the Toronto Star and the Montreal Star. It was also syndicated through the Washington-based Artists and Writers Syndicate from 26 July 1976 until 19 March 1977. Also known as 'Leonardo featuring His Grace', it was set during the Renaissance and notable for its highly stylized and almost Cubist drawings. Collins took inspiration from the cultural and social topics of the 1970s, and translated them into a historical setting. Despite the interesting artwork, the strip didn't even last a year, and Collins disappeared from the comic scene as quickly as he came around.

Final years and death
Phil Collins later worked as a writer of science fiction and children's books, and was a keen snooker player and amateur keyboard player. He passed away at the Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital in April 2018.

Homonym confusion
Phil Collins should not be confused with famous British pop musician Phil Collins (°1951), who was once a member of the band Genesis. However, the Genesis musician's brother Clive Collins was active as a cartoonist. 

Phil Collins. 

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