Kimmy op de modetoer by Comos
Kimmy op de modetoer (Tina, 1972)

Born in Llanas, Asturia, self-taught artist Rodrigo Rodríguez Comos did his first professional work for the periodical El Progreso de Lugo. In the 1960s, he began a collaboration with the publishing house Bruguera, where he started with drawing material for Pulgarcito magazine. He then drew installments in the collection Historias, including 'Gengis Kan', 'Ricardo Corazon de Leon' and, most notably, several comic books about child star Joselito. He also drew some comics for the magazine Sissi, and was one of the artists of the 'Il Capitan Trueno' series.

Monique, by Comos

From the late 1960's throughout the 1970's and 1980's, Comos was mainly drawing for foreign publishers through Bruguera's Creaciones Editoriales agency. He was mainly active with girls' comics, including 'Wendy', 'Biggi' and 'Conny' for Bastei Verlag in Germany and many stories for British girls' titles like Misty, Jinty and Tammy published by IPC. These include stories like 'Gymnast Jinty', 'Goldie Alone', and 'The Haunting of Form 2B'.

He was a regular in Dutch magazine Tina (Oberon) with the series 'Monique' and 'Loesje' with writer Otto Veenhoven. He has additionally drawn two 'Marouf' comic books for Impéria in France, crime stories for the Italian market and ghost stories for Bastei's horror titles.

El Capitan Trueno, by Rodrigo Rodríguez ComosCandy, by Rodrigo Rodríguez Comos

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