comic art by Alfio Consoli

Alfio Consoli was born in Catania, and moved to Rome in 1958. In 1959, he commenced working for the comic agency Studio Barbato Mancini. Consoli finished the artwork of artists like Casabianca, Cedroni and Stizza on series like 'Il Grande Blek', 'Gli Angeli Dell'Inferno', 'Yaleb', 'Galax', 'Hondo' and other series for the French publishers Lug and Aventures et Voyages. In 1972, he created the character 'Demoniak' for Edizioni Ellepi with scriptwriter Baiocchi. Through the Giolitti studios, he worked for foreign publishers like IPC in Britain and Bastei in Germany.

With the artists Cambiotti and Valcarenghi, he created several albums with the character 'Jacula'. In the early 1980s he left Giolitti to work directly for the Italian publishers Edifumetto and Ediperiodici, making  erotic comics. In the late 1980s he returned to Lug in France with scripts for 'Il Grande Blek'. In the 1990s, he worked for the foreign market with Giolitti again, and created 'I Fantastici Tre Superman' with Pedrazzi and Acciari for Star Comics, as well as about 20 albums with 'Balboa' for Play Press. He also returned to erotic comics, this time for Fenix and Bb Press.

He should not be confused with Italian singer Alfio Consoli (born in 1974). 

cover by Alfio Consolicover by Alfio Consoli

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